Core technology

Light Polymers Inc. have pioneered a new set of chemistry based on a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal (LLC) system containing discotic molecular stacks and rigid rod like polymer macromolecules. We offer tunable polymer materials that can cover a wide range of refractive indices and NZ factors that improve light efficiencies and reduce costs.

What we do

  • Compensation
  • Reverse dispersion
  • Index of refraction matching


  • Improvement of light efficiencies
  • Super thin coatings allow thin factors
  • Cost reduction

Product Benefits

  • High thermal stability (250 °C)
  • Self-aligning
  • Reliable


  • VA-based LCD displays
  • IPS-based LCD displays
  • OLED displays
  • LED lighting
  • OLED lighting
  • Arhitectural glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Solar
  • Coatable on glass, TAC, PMMA, PC, PET plastic substrates